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Marmaris - Fethiye Cabin Charter Route

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MARMARİS Arriving to Marmaris and transfer to Marmaris yacht marina and to be taken to the Gulet. After check in, free time till diner. The diner is on board and overnight at Marmaris port.


EKINCIK After breakfast one of our guides will come on board and give information about the route and everything else. After the info the tour will start and sailing towards Ekincik on the engine. In this bay we have an optional excursion which is called Dalyan Caunos. You can discover this area with small boats from Ekincik bay. Passing through the river which is covered with reefs, don't forget to take your camera with you. And you can see the famous king tombs on the hill which belongs to the kings and their family. Visiting the Caretta Caretta beach (Iztuzu) will be the last point. The Caretta Caretta turtles are coming to this area to dig in and lay their eggs in the sand. Stay overnight at Ekincik bay.


AGALIMANI – BATIK HAMAM - KIZILADA Early in the morning the captain star the engine for passing Disibilmez and you will get in the world famous Fethiye gulf. In this gulf you can see the best bays from all around the world. The breakfast is at Tersane Island then later Batik hamam.  overnight at Kizilda.


FETHIYE Early in the morning we getting in to Fethiye marina for the logistics of the boat (water in the tanks, food and beverages). When the Gulet is getting cleaned and taking extra things we don't want you to get bored there and organizing one optional tour here as a jeep safari. You can see at this tour the secret canyon Tlos and Öludeniz (lunch is included in this tour). The diner is on board and overnight at Fethiye Marina.


GOCEK ISLAND –YASSICA ISLAND After breakfast leaving Fethiye marina and sailing towards to the Gocek Islands (not port). You can pass between the greatest islands and after swimming breaks visiting the Yassica  Islands.  overnight here with an excellent view.


BEDRIRAHMI BAY- SARSALA- AGALIMANI After breakfast we will visit Batik hamam (Manastir or Cleopatra bay). Part of this ancient building here is covered with water, and the hill which is behind the bay covered with pine then Sarsala and afternoon Aga Limani overnight there.


KADIRGA-PARADISE ISLAND- MARMARIS After breakfast or early in the morning, depending on the weather, start the engine and sailing to the Kadirga bay, swimming breaks at bays and passing front of Turunç bay then Paradise Island and about 17:00 getting in Marmaris, overnight at Marmaris marina.


DISEMBARKATION After breakfast we are leaving the Gulet.


Marmaris Bay resembles a calm lake and offers ideal mooring for yachts The center of yachting on the Lycian coast and our magnificent yachting base, Marmaris, Sits at the head of an almost landlocked bay surrounded by high, pine-clad hills. The shopping bazaars and restaurants form the backbone of this traditional Turkish seaside town, while yachts of all shapes and sizes adorn the marina, said to be the best in the eastern Mediterranean. The calm waters of Marmaris Bay are an ideal start or end to your cruising holiday, from our base in the harbor Ancient Marmaris, Physkos, was an important stage on the Anatolia-Rhodes-Egypt trade route. In the l6th century, Süleyman the Magnificent had a citadel built on a hill just behind the harbour; today, its remains house the Marmaris Museum


A delightful yacht-mooring, you can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of this area and the friendly hospitality of its people. The inlent of ekincik is a tranguil paradise of lush green forests where you lose all sense of time . Among the most beautiful spots along the coast this is a - favaurite stop for seafarers.


Delikli Island lies right off the coast, south-east of Ekincik. Yachtsmen enjoy a change of pace when they anchor at the island and The riverboats here will take you from your sailboat and ride you to Caunus into the Dalyan Delta. The Delta, with a long, golden, sandy beach at its mouth, is a nature-conservation area, and a refuge for sea turtles (caretta caretta) and blue crabs. carettas in dalyanAt a bend in the river, high on the cliff face above the fascinating ancient harbour-city of Caunos, magnificent tombs were carved into the rock.


When you turn around Cape Kurtoglu you enter into the Gulf of Fethiye which is one of the most beautiful gulfs in the world. The Gulf of Fethiye is surrounded by lower slopes of the Taurus Mountains, pine-clad to the crystal-clear water's edge. It is an area of flat-water sailing easy on those not accustomed to open sea, and is rimmed with innumerable coves and anchorages. The secrets of the ancient gods of mythology still lie hidden in the secluded coves and bays around the Gulf of Fethiye. This is truly paradise for those who want to sail through history. AGA LIMANI & LYDEA When we enter the Fthiye Gulf our next stoppwill be Aga Limani. From here with a 30-minute hike takes you to ancient Lydae. Off the beaten path and rarely visited, Lydae features sarcophagi, temple walls, cisterns, Corinthian columns and inscribed tablets from the Roman and Byzantine periods. CLEOPATRA'S BAY Two miles from Deep Bay. Another exquisite setting with thick pine right down to the water's edge. Monastery ruins half submerged attract the curious. Also called Ruin bedri rahmi bayBay, Cleopatra was here twice, once with Julius Caesar and once with Marc Antony.He, Antony, was en route to Actium. She, Cleopatra, came for the scenery. Or whatever.


The largest island in the Gulf of Fethiye is the Island of Tersane.(Dockyard).A deep channel,100 wide ,provides entry to the inlet of TersaneTersane island which was formerlycalled Telandria, was inhabited in the past, but the remains of the ruined houses of the island.


One Of the most important inlets of the gulf is the inlet of Bedri Rahmi.Bedri Rahmi Eyüpoglu who was the one of the first blue voyagers, painted a fish on a rock behind a fountain here,in the year 1973.Thereafter the inlet has been called by his name.You can see the painted fish right behind the fountain and behint it, there is a Lycian rock tomb hidden at the back of the trees.There are many Lycian rock tombs bsides this one in the surroundings, shaped like pigeon nets on a great rock tomb with an ornamented door and a triple tomb further on.


The islands called Yassica Adalari which arouse interest because of their mysterious appearance and are favoured by yachts.

GOCEK oludeniz

Gocek which recently became the meeting point of yachtsmen and lovers of the sea, has attained a justified fame with its natural position. In addition to being place from the standpoint of wind,sea and air temperature, it is only 22 km from the international Dalaman airport.The coves where colorful yachts ranging from the latest models to small vessels meet.The Club Marina at Gocek is set in a beautiful pine forest, is one of the Mediterranean's best sailing spots. Dotted with islands and indented with many coves, its land and seascapes are irresistible.