With Your Floating Hotel

How best to describe a gulet cruise?

In an area of the world awash with history, the Turkish coast certainly lacks nothing in the way of concentration and variety of archaeological sites.  Some are accessible only by sea and it is possible that while you are ashore and exploring the sites, you may be the only ones there!  It is the coast’s natural beauty that, once combined with your own sense of history, makes this charter destination so endearing and so memorable.  And one of the best, most authentic ways to enjoy all that the Turkish coast has to offer is by opting for a totally Turkish experience!

A gulet is a yacht of traditional design, with a comfortable, well-shaded aft and generous-sized cabins.  This sturdy vessel becomes your home for a week or 10 days as you cruise along the much-indented southwest coast, known to many as the Turquoise Coast of Turkey on account of the myriad hues of blues and greens that are visible in the shallows.  During the cruise, your gulet plows through the waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean, following ancient sea routes along one of the most scenically spectacular coastlines of the world, where you will stop by to admire sunken cities, swim in pristine coves, party in lively ports and hike to the summits of islands dotted with the ruins of civilizations past.