With Your Floating Hotel

Charter Hints

Welcome aboard

We would like to welcome you aboard and wish you all a wonderful holiday. To enable all passengers to have an enjoyable stay we would like to bring to your attention some important information.

SHOES : Please do not wear any type of footwear on the boat. Please avoid the ropes, porthole edges, rigging wires, blocks, floor hatches, screw/bolts to prevent personal injuries.

SMOKING : There is no smoking allowed indoors  due to fire danger, however smoking is permitted on deck. Please do not lock your cabin doors for fire precautions. If you wish, you can leave your valuables with Captain for security (receipt provided).

ON DECK : Make sure you secure all your belongings on deck, the wind can be strong and gusty. The crew cannot be held responsible for items blown overboard. Please abide the Captain's rules and judgement as to cruising, weather, wind, anchorage's, pertinent matters and be seated on a secure place while the crew is mooring the boat.

HOT WATER : The water is heated either by the boat's engine, or some boats are fitted with a gas water heater. On boats where the water is engine heated, the water is hot after the engine has been running and remains hot for several hours. If the boat uses a gas system, you will need to ask one of the crew, who will turn on the gas when you require hot water.

TOILET PAPER : Please put all toilet paper in the waste bin by the toilet, otherwise the narrow pipes and filters will be blocked!! The bin will be emptied daily by the crew.

MEALS : All meals will be served on the aft-deck (that is at the back of the boat!). Meal times may vary according to your schedule, however the captain will let you know (or you will smell it for yourself!).

LIGHTS : Please turn off the lights when you are not in your cabin. This saves the boat's batteries and helps to  stop mosquitoes from coming in.

PORTHOLES : Close the portholes in your cabin whilst the boat is underway, this prevents spray from coming in and wetting the bedding.

WATERSPORTS : Please stay within sight of the boat, and tell someone before you go, if you get into difficulties it will then be easier to help you.

DIVING and JUMPING : Do not dive or jump off the boat whilst the engine is running. The captain may have to move the boat and not be able to see you. For your own safety, please wait until the engine has been switched off and the swimming ladder is in place. Do not climb or jump off the masts.

DINGHY : Each boat is equipped with a tender (dinghy). The tender is used to secure the boat and for safety and insurance reasons can only be operated by a member of the crew.

LIFE JACKETS : For your safety you will find life jackets in your cabin.

TIPS : It is customary in the yachting world to tip the crew at the end of your cruise. If you are happy with the service you have received, please tip the captain and the money will be shared equally amongst the crew.

Finally, we want you to get the maximum enjoyment possible from your cruise, so if you have any questions, problems or requests about any aspects of the gulet please do not hesitate to speak to the captain. Due to unforeseen circumstances your itinerary may have to be changed at short notice, and please remember the captain's decision is final in all matters!!

Now lie back and let the crew take the strain! Bon Voyage!